About Us




Like many travelers who visit the Yucatan, it left a lasting impression on us. Ever since our first visit to Soliman Bay we have been dreaming about building this home. All told it was close to 10 years in the making and we’ve met some wonderful people along the way. We are grateful for what had started out in 2004 as mere sketches in the sand has now blossomed into an amazing eco-conscious beachfront home and retreat.

Our operations house manager, Enrique, manages the day-to-day at Casa Xixim. He and our concierge, Marion, are available over email to help with your trip planning. They will meet you at CX upon arrival and check in with you throughout your stay. Our groundskeeper, Tony, lives at the property entrance in the studio casita and will keep things in tip top shape. Both he and our housekeeper, Nilda, tend to the daily care of the home, gardens, and beach. For those curious about our experience building this home, we kept a blog about the construction process.


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