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Casa Xixim’s Stance on Bottled Water

  Our Stance On Single-Use Bottles   World Ocean Day: June 8 With today being World Ocean Day it felt like the right time to explain why Casa Xixim doesn’t provide (and discourages) single-use plastic water bottles. It goes without saying we are all aware of the enormous amount of plastic debris in our oceans […]

Tuft & Needle + Frette

  TUFT & NEEDLE + FRETTE   Sweet dreams are made of these This is an epic love story about sleep. Once upon a time there was a beautiful mermaid who dreamt of sleeping on the clouds. Every day she would swim to the reef of Soliman Bay to sit and daydream as the clouds […]

Restaurants in Tulum

  RESTAURANTS IN TULUM   There is a lot of amazing food to enjoy in Tulum. It’s becoming known for some really unique and tasty restaurants. Not all take credit cards, especially the smaller less expensive spots. The photo featured above is from Mezzanine’s website of their bar. Yes, the view is that amazing. See also: […]

Vegetarian Tulum

  VEGETARIAN TULUM   Being vegetarian sometimes means a little extra homework when traveling. The first time we visited Tulum we were still meat eaters and I remember having some tasty tacos at the red taco shop on the main road in Tulum Pueblo. But all that is just a distant and fuzzy memory. Clearly, there is […]


  IMMERSIVE & AUTHENTIC   There is so much to see in the Yucatan that’s real and beautiful. It’s totally possible to avoid the theme-parks and have an authentic experience filled with amazing food, adventure, art and culture. One of the main reasons for writing this travel guide blog is to point people in the […]