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The Heart of the Mayan Civilization: Exploring Ruins

  EXPLORING MAYAN RUINS   Visiting the ruins is like meeting the soul of the Mayan civilization. Hot, lush and mysterious, the ruins stand stoically in time. There can be crowds and entrance fees. It is good to plan ahead or book a tour. Here is a list of the closest ruins to visit. Tulum Ruins Only 5 min from Soliman Bay […]

The Natural Wonders of the Cenote

  CENOTES   On a scorching hot day there is nothing better than dipping into a crystal clear pool of sparking cold water in the lush jungle. Cenotes are natural sinkholes that expose the fresh groundwater beneath, ferns and plants drape the edge, and these magical pools exude mystery and lore tied to the ancient […]

Witness the Majestic Cycle of the Sea Turtle

  SEA TURTLES   Visitors to the Tulum area are encouraged to learn more about sea turtle ecology and biology by visiting the Centro Ecologico Akumal Center (CEA). There you may view one of the displays located in the Center, attend a weekly sea turtle lecture, release baby sea turtles to the ocean, or sign up for the CEA […]

Those Birds!

  THOSE BIRDS!   We offer a set of binoculars for bird watching and a guide book to Yucatan Birds. You can check them out with the staff. Here is also a great online reference for Yucatan birdwatching. Morning Birds Yes, we have birds. We have chatty ones that start their tweerp! tweerp! early in the […]

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve Tours

  SIAN KA’AN BIOSPHERE RESERVE   Touring the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is on top of our list of To-Do’s as a family. Dave did a tour years ago and felt it was the best day he had on that trip. Other friends have echoed that sentiment as well. This is a quality experience set in […]

Snorkeling & Kayaking

  SNORKELING & KAYAKING   Snorkeling We have so many amazing things at Soliman Bay but one really stands out, the snorkeling! As you look out at the bay as it becomes open ocean you can see a bit of the white water where the waves are breaking on the reef. Inside the break is […]