Special Meteor Shower Booking Package

Introducing the Casa Xixim
Geminid Meteor Shower Spectacular!

For guests booking an overnight reservation for the days of DEC 13-17, a private evening at the villa will be hosted by a Mayan astronomy and storytelling expert with night sky viewing through telescopes, and a mezcal tasting.

Casa Xixim is an ideal location to view the Geminid meteor shower. Every year around the same time, the earth crosses the path of 3200 Paethon asteroid and this meteor shower is the result of little pieces of rock that broke off and burn up in our atmosphere in a spectacular way. The shower appears to originate from the Gemini constellation, thus the name. Soliman Bay is in a fantastic location with very little light pollution, and an unobstructed horizon.

Casa Xixim is more than just a vacation rental – it’s a fully-staffed, curated experience. Imagine having the services of a boutique hotel at a private ecoluxe beachfront villa in Soliman Bay, Tulum, Mexico: gourmet meals, concierge support, a private pool, a freshly raked beach each morning, snorkel gear, kayak, and much more. We accommodate private groups up to 8 adults and 4 kids.


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Casa Xixim Highlights:
• Sleeps 8 adults + 4 kids
• Snorkels & kayak provided
• Tulum ruins just minutes away
• Private Chef
• Daily housekeeping
• Concierge

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