Xixim Ethos & Sustainability




Our guiding beliefs, the Xixim Ethos, began as a feeling inspired by the raw beauty of this beach and has evolved into our daily practice. The ancient Maya word Xixim (pronounced “shee-sheem”) is written as a conch shell glyph meaning “zero”. We chose the xixim conch, this rare and endangered sea creature, to remind us to be true to our goal of being as sustainable as possible. We aim to capture the daily resources needed, work in harmony with nature, and to leave a light footprint – all without sacrificing modern comforts. Even the design of our logo uses the shape of the xixim conch, which are arranged to transform into the wings of the locally abundant and lighthearted butterfly. We are honored to be the current stewards of this special place, and we hope to attract like minded vacationers and traveling nomads to rest their heads and energize their souls at Casa Xixim.


• Sustainability as a keystone to our design process and daily work
• Design and implementation from both modern architecture & permaculture
• The abundant sun, cooling breeze & refreshing rain provides our home with it’s life force
• Solar system supplies all power needs & is the first grid-tied net metered home on the bay
• Open-air layout with sliding walls & doors for ultimate views & a cross breeze in every room
• Rainwater harvesting with composting wetlands to return used water back to the earth again
• Landscape & green roof optimized for stacking functions: shade, edibles, water filtration, wildlife
• Recycling, composting, upcycling & DIY’ing!

For those that seek to be a thoughtful traveler, conscious of the surrounding impact, this is a vacation where you can enjoy time away and get totally zenned out but do it knowing that you haven’t trampled over everything in the process.

Another component to our Xixim Ethos is to be a positive participant in our community. We believe in giving back, being grateful and considerate. Whenever possible we choose to hire local labor, purchase from local farmers, furnish with local crafts and use locally made earth-friendly cleaning supplies. We share our knowledge and experience. We donate to the local turtle sanctuary and work with our neighbors to keep the bay healthy and beautiful.

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