Those Birds!




We offer a set of binoculars for bird watching and a guide book to Yucatan Birds. You can check them out with the staff. Here is also a great online reference for Yucatan birdwatching.

Morning Birds

Yes, we have birds. We have chatty ones that start their tweerp! tweerp! early in the morning. They might wake you up. Go with it. It’s sunrise on the Mayan Riviera and you have the front tow. Grab a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise with your new bird friends.


These amazing beasts hang around the bay and are quite fun to watch as they dive for food. They’ll dive straight into the water and then pop up with a fish (hopefully) to gobble down. This goes on and on and on, and is quite mesmerizing. Featured photo credit: Creative Alchemia.

Mangrove Birds

I came across a nice set of photos of birds seen in our mangrove on The Creative Alchemia Blog. Our mangroves are a wide saline coastal sediment habitat that buffers our bay from the highway. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT walk into the mangrove area. Avoid poison plants and jungle creatures at all costs. Just simply observe from the road. It’s swampy, thick and lush and is teeming with wildlife and thankfully protected from development.  A variety of tropical birds can be found resting, feeding, bathing and nesting here. At times I’ve seen hordes of blue crabs in the marshy mud. We have lots of lizards, butterflies, and an occasional odd looking possum-like thing. So you’ll likely see a variety of creatures crossing our little dirt road. Give them plenty of room and be careful when you drive.