Transportation From Cancun Airport

Transportation From Cancun Airport




Transportation From Cancun Airport
One key piece of your vacation planning is your transportation from Cancun Airport. Getting a good plan in place can really help establish expectations, ensure you’re in good hands, and allow your vacation to start right away. We highly recommend booking a private round trip airport shuttle through us to take you directly to Casa Xixim (instead of renting a car from the Cancun airport). The private shuttle will also pick you up at Casa Xixim on departure day. Not only will the private shuttle help you save a couple of hours, but you’ll also avoid a potentially frustrating experience (mostly involving long lines, unexpected car rental costs, and mosquitos). We also save you payment hassles by billing you later. This means you only need to tip the driver in person. This is your precious vacation and we’re here to help make sure you get the most out of it. If needed, we recommend that you rent a car from Tulum for exploring and activities. More about that below.

About The Private Airport Shuttle
When you book the private airport shuttle through us, a representative will be waiting for you outside the terminal with your name on a sign. He will show you to your driver and will help get all your luggage loaded up. If your flight was delayed or there is any confusion, you will have contact phone numbers for both Julie (Casa Xixim Concierge House Manager) and the shuttle service. We will bill you later for your shuttle bookings, do not pay the drivers other than cash tips.

The drive to Casa Xixim at Soliman Bay takes about 1.25 hours, and your driver can stop if anyone needs a restroom break or a snack. We recommend good pit stops at Starbucks or Liverpool department store in Playa Del Carmen. Liverpool is air conditioned, has a coffee shop, and clean comfortable restrooms. Both are easy on/off the highway. Once you arrive at Casa Xixim, you’ll be greeted by the Casa Xixim staff who will show you around the villa and get everyone settled into rooms. If it’s mealtime, the chefs will be getting ready to serve the meal you’ve arranged.

Tulum Rental Car
If you’d like to rent a car for exploring and activities, we recommend that Julie help you reserve through Alamo in Tulum. You can book for the days you’ll need a car and they will deliver it to the house and do the paperwork with you there. We’ve found that with the airport shuttle and our chef service, you may only need a car for a few days. An alternative departure plan is the option to return your rental car at the airport instead of taking the private shuttle back. Both of these plans have worked well for all our guests and we feel this really reduces many hassles and allows everyone to enjoy every minute of their vacation. And for more car rental info, this quick Google search turned up this informative blog post about renting a car in the general area of the Yucatan.

Please note: We have parking for only 2 guest cars so please plan accordingly. If you have a party of 5+ we recommend 2 mid/large-sized cars or one large van to accommodate everyone and their luggage.