Swim With Caution

  SWIM WITH CAUTION   No lifeguard on duty on the BEACH or POOL. Please read our house rules that you are required to sign and agree to when renting the house. For safety reasons, no guests are allowed that aren’t on the house rental list. We don’t want to alarm you, this bay is […]

House Rules

  HOUSE RULES   Just be cool, alright? This home is not suitable for party-seekers. If you’re in town for a big event or party, please treat our home as a quiet sanctuary. Leave the party at the party and may peace be the journey. We have house rules and community norms that we require you to follow. Nothing […]

Xixim Ethos & Sustainability

  XIXIM ETHOS & SUSTAINABILITY   Our guiding beliefs, the Xixim Ethos, began as a feeling inspired by the raw beauty of this beach and has evolved into our daily practice. The ancient Maya word Xixim (pronounced “shee-sheem”) is written as a conch shell glyph meaning “zero”. We chose the xixim conch, this rare and […]

Giving Back

  GIVING BACK   With Casa Xixim nestled right on the ocean and within such a wild and raw landscape, it became clear that we wanted to find ways to help keep this ecosystem beautiful and healthy. A modest but helpful portion of your rental fee is donated to Centro Ecologico Akumal (CEA) which manages programs […]

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