Tuft & Needle + Frette




Sweet dreams are made of these

This is an epic love story about sleep. Once upon a time there was a beautiful mermaid who dreamt of sleeping on the clouds. Every day she would swim to the reef of Soliman Bay to sit and daydream as the clouds floated by. One day she dozed off and was startled by a nice young man who was traveling the ocean in a sailboat. When the mermaid shrieked, he fell out of his boat. She sprung into action and got him safely to the Soliman shore. And even though this sounds like the beginning of your typical forbidden love story between a mermaid and a young man, it is not. The young man was so grateful to be saved by the mermaid (and be able to continue his ocean adventures) that he asked her how he could repay her. She told him of her lifelong dream to sleep on the clouds. So, what does a young man in 2015 do? He got out his smart phone and searched online for the very best mattress and the very best bed linens he could find. He promptly ordered a Tuft & Needle bed and Frette bedlinens and within 7 shipping days he presented the beautiful mermaid with the most comfortable bed ever. At sundown the mermaid climbed into bed and slept an entire 9 restful hours of blissful sleep and rose to watch the sunrise over the bay. When she woke, the nice young man had already sailed off to far away adventures but left her a lovely note thanking her for saving him and wishing her many, many sweet dreams.

When we heard this story we so inspired by his resourcefulness that we wanted to offer all our guests the most comfortable sleeping experience ever, and the most wonderful sweet dreams as well. So, we are pleased to share with you that our beds at Casa Xixim also feature the very same luxurious Frette bedlinens and the very same expertly crafted Tuft & Needle mattresses. The Frette bedlinens are fashioned from the finest fibres available and finished with care and precision. Tuft & Needle foam adapts to your body weight, distributing it across a large area to create that float-like sleep with air flowing through the foam cells to boost the speed of heat transfer through the mattress for a cool rest. We are honored to be the current stewards of this special place, and we hope to attract like minded vacationers, dreamers, and traveling nomads to rest their heads and energize their souls at Casa Xixim.



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Casa Xixim Highlights:
• Sleeps 8 adults + 4 kids
• Snorkels & kayak provided
• Tulum ruins just minutes away
• Private Chef
• Daily housekeeping
• Concierge

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