CX Rental Policy


When Covid-19 is active, Casa Xixim appreciates guests wearing masks when within 6 feet (enclosed indoor spaces) when meeting with our staff.

Safety Protocols
We block a minimum of 4 hours between groups of guests to ensure a thorough cleaning and an abundance of fresh air throughout the home.

Departure Testing 
Testing is no longer required to return to the US. Please let us know if your departure requires testing. For more information: CDC Frequently Asked Questions.


Nightly rates are in US dollars and include taxes. 

1. RESERVATION DEPOSIT & FINAL PAYMENT: By submitting payment you agree to our Rental Policy, Terms, and Conditions as outlined in the document. A 50% deposit of the total room cost including taxes and security deposit is required to secure your reservation. Once the booking has been processed, you will receive a Reservation Confirmation email that outlines a summary of your booking. Please review the information carefully and contact us immediately at info[at]casaxixim[dot]com if you have any questions or require any changes. Final Payment: The remainder (50%) will be due no later than 30 days before the clients arrival. If the reminder 50% has not arrived by this period, this will be considered a full cancellation. Please read our full policy, securing your reservation means you accept all terms. The Client will not make any negotiation, reservation or cancellation with any member of the Staff.

2. SECURITY DEPOSIT: The Client will be responsible for any losses or damage caused to the property. $1000 security deposit is required and needs to be paid by one month before the arrival date. This security deposit will typically be refunded 1-2 weeks after departure upon a satisfactory inspection of the property, confirmation of respect for our house rules, adherence to strict guest list, and calculation of any outstanding charges such as shuttle bookings, groceries, staff tips. Please email if you have not received your deposit 2 weeks after departure.

3. PAYMENTS: Payments can be made with Zelle (preferred), PayPal (fees apply), bank transfer, or US bank check (final payments only). Please contact us for bank transfer details or mailing address.

4. CANCELLATIONS: Securing a reservation with your deposit means you accept the terms and conditions of our Cancellation Policy. All cancellations must be received in writing to: info[at]casaxixim[dot]com and will be processed from receipt of notice.

25% minimum non-refundable charge on any cancellations.

50% non-refundable charge if Client cancels 90 to 30 days prior to arrival date.

75% non-refundable charge if Client cancels 30 days or less prior to arrival date.

We highly recommend that all of our guests purchase Travel Insurance, which is generally inexpensive, but can really save a lot of financial loss and emotional distress if an unforeseen event occurs. We recommend your travel insurance cover you for airline flight and accommodation cancellations especially regarding the Covid pandemic, any type of travel advisory, and during the hurricane season of June through November. We also recommend you consider coverage for accident, illness, medical evacuation and theft.

We do not issue refunds or credits for flight cancellations, due to any circumstances. Please consider taking out Travel Insurance to protect against flight cancellations, and book only refundable or changeable flights. There are no refunds or credits issued due to bad weather, tropical storms or hurricanes or any other situation beyond our control; including any inconvenience or complication caused by a hurricane’s direct hit, near miss, or significant threat of a hurricane strike. Hurricanes are unpredictable by nature. Please take out Travel Insurance to protect against these types of unforeseen events. Casa Xixim is not liable for any other costs, evacuation or inconveniences caused by a tropical storm or hurricane.

5. MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY / 8 ADULTS + 4 KIDS: Casa Xixim is able to accommodate up to a maximum of 8 guests (including up to 4 children), with no exceptions. We require full names of all guests 1 week before arrival, no changes, and no extra guests. Your entrance to Soliman Bay will be managed by the security gate. Extra or additional unplanned guests beyond your submitted guest list will incur a penalty fee (per person) starting at $5000 usd plus surrender of security deposit for 1st extra guest infraction, and/or possible eviction from property. Guest list is how we plan our staff schedule in advance and changes to guest list size-of any size-is not possible. Max occupancy is due to our delicate wetlands water system that was designed to function at this size. We do not want to jeopardize the health of our wetlands or risk polluting our fragile ecosystem.

6. LIABILITY: Casa Xixim and its employees shall not be liable for any damages caused mentally or physically as a result of, or in connection with any flight delays, changes or cancellations, monetary crises, social unrest, political or labor problems, economic changes, electrical outages due to weather, mechanical maintenance or construction difficulties, for any claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses, delays or loss of enjoyment of any nature or kind whatsoever resulting from events beyond our or a supplier’s reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of nature (hurricanes, mudslides, earthquakes, sargasso seaweed), strikes, labor disputes, lockouts, threats or acts of terrorism, crime, acts of war or declared war, hurricanes or weather conditions, diseases or epidemics/pandemics, novel or unexpected conditions and local laws, or absence of required travel documents, visas, passports, health certificates, etc. In the event of a traveler becoming ill during their reservation, or having to cut their vacation short all hospital and medical expenses are the traveler’s responsibility. Casa Xixim is not responsible for advisement of travel and entry requirements, loss of items that are not secured in bedroom safe, or for losses incurred when rooms are not locked. Casa Xixim is not responsible for the well being of any children who stay or visit Casa Xixim with respect to any accident or other occurrence. Parents and guardians are solely responsible for the safety and well being of their children. No children under 18 allowed without legal guardian.

7. STAFF: Casa Xixim is responsible for the Staff salaries. In case the Client needs more personal attending, 1 weeks advance notification is required to determine availability and the Client will be responsible for additional costs, payment and gratuities.

8. STAFF GRATUITIES: Our staff work hard to make your trip the best it can be. They very much appreciate cash tips in USD or MXN pesos and are unable to accept payment via apps. You are welcome to tip more if you feel anyone went above and beyond. See #10 below about planning for cash. Registered guests can access a helpful spreadsheet for calculating tips and groceries here:

9. GROCERY REIMBURSEMENT: The chef ‘service’ is included in your booking but food is not included. Because of our remote location, the chefs shop in advance of your arrival for staples and first meals. They will shop every couple of days during your stay. Please be prepared to reimburse them on your first morning. Paying in pesos ensures you receive “local” prices on groceries, and ensures all future shopping remains in pesos. The chefs will present you the grocery receipts for cash peso reimbursement. Please consider approximately 500 – 800 Mexican Pesos/person/day, not including alcohol. See #10 below about planning for cash. Registered guests can access a helpful spreadsheet for calculating tips and groceries here:

10. PLANNING FOR CASH / ATMs, PESOS & USD: We strongly recommend getting pesos in advance at your home bank or at the airport. ATMs are not located at Soliman Bay. One must go to the town of Tulum, and we recommend banks: Bancomer, Banamex, HSBC, and Scotia (avoid 3rd party vendors). Please bring USD and Pesos to cover expected services to set aside in your bedroom safe—such as pre-scheduled yoga and massage services at the villa, first and last day grocery reimbursements (#9), and Casa Xixim staff tips (#8). Bedrooms have personal safes in the closets to secure valuables. Please feel free to ask our advice on how much money you should bring based on your group size and activities. If any grocery reimbursement or staff tips require to be deducted from security deposit or paid by invoice, a 20% convenience fee will be added.

11. AMENITIES: The rental of Casa Xixim includes Concierge House Manager, housekeeping, 24/7 groundskeeper, chef service (groceries extra paid in cash to chef), sustainable soap and shampoo (please do not remove), and all the equipment the house has to offer (linens, beach gear, grill, wifi/streaming media, etc.). As a net metered solar home we are subject to the stability of the municipal grid and may experience intermittent electric and internet service. We do not have a landline phone. See below for more details about internet and mobile phone service, and air conditioning.

12. LAUNDRY: For optimal water conservation we launder sheets and towels every 3 days. We don’t offer any personal items to be laundered as damage may occur. Clients may hand wash their own garments using the delicate hand soap or shampoo we provide – although drying may take considerable time due to humidity. Casa Xixim is not responsible for any clothing or fabric damages. Our wetlands (which processes all household waste water including toilets) can not handle any strong detergents or bleach, as it would kill the plants and result in septic sewage, unpleasant odor, and environmental pollution. Our house manager can provide more info about laundry services you can visit in town for self service.

13. ARRIVALS/DEPARTURES: Check-in time is 3:00pm – 8:00pm only. Check-out time is before 11:00am. We are a small operation with one housekeeper. These strict times allow us to prepare the villa in time for everyone’s arrival. If you need early arrival or late departure please contact us no later than one week prior to your arrival so we can review your request. If it’s possible to accommodate your request, we charge $50-100 USD per hour and can include a meal service. We are unable to provide late arrivals after 8pm as our chefs need the ability to complete the arrival dinner service in a timely manner and be well rested for your first breakfast.

14. RENTAL USE: No guests other than those listed on the rental contract allowed. Full names of all guests to be provided. The Client will not be permitted to sublease Casa Xixim for any reason. Any use of Casa Xixim other than residential during a vacation must be approved in advance by the property owner. No weddings, corporate events, photo shoots, parties or large gatherings are permissible without owner approval and additional security deposit in place.

15. HOUSE RULES: We have zero tolerance for extra guests and loud/late parties at Casa Xixim, we prohibit smoking on our property, and require all guests to honor our HOUSE RULES. Rental Fees and Security Deposits will be forfeited—at owner’s discretion—for infractions. Airbnb claims will be submitted, if applicable. A printed document ‘Xixim Agreements’ outlining house rules and expectations is presented at the welcome tour and provided in each bedroom and the living room. By submitting payment to book Casa Xixim, all guests agree to  House Rules > 

16. CHILDREN: A maximum of 4 children under the age of 18 allowed. All infants and any child not potty trained must wear a diaper at all times. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for any children at Casa Xixim and will not be left unattended. Casa Xixim and staff are not liable for safety of children and may not be hired as child care. It is recommended that parents hire a child care service with licensed and trained providers.

17. THIRD PARTY SERVICES: Third-party services and excursions booked directly with the third-party provider and are subject to their own terms & conditions. Casa Xixim is not liable for any cancellations or changes to third-party service providers.

18. EXPECTATIONS FOR PHONE AND INTERNET: As a net metered solar home we are subject to the instability of the municipal grid and may also experience intermittent electric, cellular and internet service. The internet connection can be spotty or go out periodically. We do not have a landline phone. Your mobile phone will work best via wifi with WhatsApp.

19. MOTHER NATURE: We feel it’s a good idea to remind our guests that they are traveling to a somewhat remote and rustic location. While it’s wonderful to “get away” to the charming low-key community of Soliman Bay in an eco-luxe villa, we are still located on a wild stretch of beachfront mangrove jungle. This means we have to accept the whims of Mother Nature: weather can be blazing hot (we have fans and bedroom AC), it can rain (we have umbrellas), it can be a bit buggy at times (we have spray and screened windows), we are visited by a variety of flora and fauna (sea turtles, crabs, birds, geckos, beetles, etc.) and we are subject to the Caribbean’s sargasso seaweed (we do our best to clean it up as it comes in). We do not have glass windows by design, we encourage the breeze to come through. Walls slide open and closed.

20. AIR CONDITIONING: We have AC in each bedroom and we ask you to be mindful of using only at night. We do not have glass windows so the efficiency of the AC greatly depends on closing up all doors and shutters completely, and closing the bathroom doors is critical as well. We ask that you only use AC while you are sleeping (more or less 9pm -9am). Even though we have solar panels we are net metered (tied into the grid), and high energy use has a costly environmental impact.

21. FORBIDDEN PLASTICS: Please take a moment to read our policy on plastics at Casa Xixim:
We do not allow single-use plastics at Casa Xixim because of our precarious location to the mangrove, ocean, and have a steady ocean breeze which can often whisk light items away. Forbidden items include: single use water bottles, drinking straws, balloons, utensils, piñata trinkets, party favors, cups, etc. We provide alternatives to all these items, and recommend that you bring your own personal travel water bottle. The Tulum region is challenged with garbage collection and recycling. Due to these circumstances we cannot allow these items on our property, and a penalty of your full security deposit will be applied if any of these items are found on our property. We invite our guests to collect any trash they see on the beach. Thank you for joining us in being good earthlings.

22. PROPERTY & STRUCTURE: No climbing or standing on roof gardens, terrace gardens, structures, walls, living room shelf cabinet, beach shade structure, any railings, doors, or any portion of the property due to personal safety and structural integrity. No moving furniture, beds, tables, decor, etc.

To optimize the planning process, we have personally designed the Casa Xixim Guest Planning Portal—a requirement for guests to complete 2-3 weeks before arrival. Casa Xixim Owners (CXO) and the Casa Xixim House Manger Concierge (CXHMC) provides trip planning support via the Portal and over email typically 2-3 weeks before arrival. The CXHMC will greet you at the villa with a tour, discuss meal planning, finalize any planning, answer questions, and collect any required cashed deposits (for 3rd party services). If requested, CXHMC can provide one additional in-person visit during your stay. CXO and the CXHMC will be available over WhatsApp throughout your stay 9am-6pm. CXHMC may also periodically visit the house to check on the staff and operations, and will facilitate your check-out in person.

We reserve the right to adjust our rates, up or down due to supply, demand, occupancy, as well as regional trends. We can not apply current or future discounts retroactively. To receive an offered discount, the applicable instructions and terms must be met. Only one discount may be used per booking. Some date restrictions may apply as noted in discount terms.