Zero Tolerance for Parties

Casa Xixim is not suitable for party-seekers. If you’re in town for a big event or party, please treat our home as a quiet sanctuary. We have house rules and community norms that we require you to follow. These are basic courtesies to be good Casa Xixim guests, Soliman Bay neighbors, and overall good earthlings. Security deposits (and/or full rental payments as noted in Rental Policy) will be forfeited, at owner’s discretion, for any infractions. Claims for damages will be submitted to Airbnb, if applicable.

Casa Xixim House Rules:

1. No loud or late parties. Soliman Bay is a quiet place. Honor peaceful hours 10pm – 10am.

2. No lifeguard at pool or beach, no pool diving, swim at your own risk AND with a buddy. Swim advisory.

3. Don’t break stuff. But, if an accident happens let the staff know so they can fix or replace it.

4. No kite surfing, no motorized boating, no jet-skiing, no fishing.

5. No smoking of any kind anywhere—including beach. Forfeits full security deposit.

6. Guests are responsible for reimbursing chef’s for groceries, in cash, when receipts are presented. Plan ahead.

7. Don’t let your garbage blow away and please pick up any trash when you see it, especially if it isn’t yours. Better yet, grab a bag and go out on a trash pick-up walk.

8. No pets under any circumstances.

9. No single-use plastic. Refer to item 19 in our rental policy.

10. Be respectful to our staff, and leave considerate tips for their hard work.

11. Abide by no earlier than 3pm arrival, and no later than 11am departure.