¡Buen Día!

To say 2020 has been challenging and transformative is an understatement. We’ve been taking this opportunity to slow down and focus on what matters most. There is a renewed hope that a more equitable and sustainable future is now more possible than ever before. It’s going to take dedication, big ideas, and hard work. The hope is travel can become even more meaningful for everyone, with less non-essential travel, and sustainability and ethical practices will become the norm. So say we all!

Something on our minds as well, what does it look like to re-open Casa Xixim? It’s been a learning process. And we’ve realized that we have a superpower. We Are Small. We are a small operation serving a single group of clients at a time in a secluded location. We consider this a key advantage in minimizing risk when compared to busy hotels and all-inclusives that service many clients at once. Being nimble allows us to easily make adjustments to increase everyone’s safety. We’ll be taking fewer bookings, increasing time between bookings, adjusting our cleaning protocols, and changing how our staff interacts with guests in person – without losing that special Xixim vibe. Let us know if you’d like more specifics and we’d be happy to share more details. By the way, did you hear that we have a new menu curated by Chef Joaquin Cardoso? Delish!

All that said, we hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. After a long stretch of sheltering and shutdowns, we’re guessing a vacation to the beach would be pretty fantastic right about now. Casa Xixim is slowly reopening, carefully, hopeful. Awakening from a long restful nap, and eager to welcome guests back.