The ancient Maya word Xixim (pronounced “shee-sheem”) is written as a conch shell glyph meaning zero*. We chose the xixim conch, this rare and endangered sea creature, to remind us to be true to our goal of being as sustainable as possible. Zero represents our ideal. We aim to capture the daily resources needed, to work in harmony with nature, and to leave a light footprint – all without sacrificing modern comforts.

What’s the meaning of the logo?
The design of our logo uses the shape of the xixim glyph conch, which are then arranged to transform into the wings of the locally abundant and lighthearted butterfly. We feel it is important to respect this land’s ancestors while doing our best to represent new and sustainable beginnings. We are honored to be the current stewards of this special place, and we hope to attract like minded vacationers and traveling nomads to rest their heads and energize their souls at Casa Xixim.

Casa Xixim is a labor of love. As a designer it’s been my dream job: naming, logo, website + content, writing a travel guide and collaborating with others on house design, furnishing and landscaping. As a human being it’s been a grounding and inspiring journey.

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