About Our Dune

As a sustainable travel destination, Casa Xixim has taken great care to maintain our original dune—as many properties on Soliman Bay no longer have their natural dunes. Sand dunes provide natural coastal protection against storm surge and high waves, preventing or reducing coastal flooding and structural damage, as well as providing important ecological habitat. They also act as sand storage areas, supplying sand to eroded beaches.

Dune Protection & Restoration

We maintain a low impact stick and rope fence around the perimeter of our dune, as well as place found coconuts and washed up coral and shells. This helps keep foot traffic away from the dune, and lets people know this is a protected zone. We have intentionally placed our beach shade and loungers in front of the dune near the water, instead of destroying the dune. Periodically we have to truck in sand to fill in our pathway connecting Casa Xixim to the beach. This remains an ongoing area of erosion that we work to keep stable.

Dune Plants

The Sea Lavender dune shrub is sensitive to disturbances and is difficult to grow but is the ideal plant to stabilize the dune, and we consider the health of this plant as a key indicator for the health of our dune. Occasionally the Sea Lavender dies back or breaks revealing a nursery of other plants growing under it’s protection. Most recently we noticed a few endangered and federally protect Chit Palms sprouting up. Chit Palms are typically seen behind dunes, such as in our beach garden and are difficult to grow—so we are thrilled to see baby Chits making a good effort. We have also added Lechuga de Mar as a fast and easy growing dune plant, which we periodically prune back to give the Sea Lavender plenty of room. Ground covers Sea Purslane and Beach Morning Glory are also abundant and hearty sand stabilizers. We also get Sea Grapes, False Buttonweeds and Costal Sandbur. A majority of these plants flower and are critical habitat for a range of pollinators from butterflies to bees.

Hurricanes & High Water

We built Casa Xixim to be higher than most storm surges and rely on the dune as a protector against intense surges. Our dune plants and beachfront garden act as a wind buffer for our home as well as the other trees and plants. A functioning dune ecosystem allows for the diversity of plants and animals we see on our land and across Soliman Bay. In our beachfront garden behind the dune you’ll find Chit Palms, the flowering Kopte Tree, Bromeliads, and Spider Lily.

Sea Turtles

Soliman Bay is a protected zone for sea turtle nesting and is an ideal sustainable travel destination. Our dune plays a pivotal role in a healthy ecosystem in term of both the flora and fauna that depend on it. During nesting season, we will often remove our beach beds and anything cluttering the area to allow the sea turtles free range to select their nesting spots. Our motto is: Mama sea turtle gets first pick.

Sustainable Travel Efforts

We participate in and donate to the volunteer Soliman Bay Sea Turtle protection program, and donate to Rainforest Trust to help offset the environmental impact of travel. Every action we take now to protect rainforests will have a lasting impact on the future by maintaining our planet’s critical ecosystems.

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