,.Casa Xixim offers sustainable travel with Rainforest Trust

Let’s Protect What We Love

Eco conscious travelers and businesses are feeling the need to defend the places we love. As a result, Casa Xixim is offering an option for sustainable travel. Carbon offsets are difficult to quantify yet we want to take action so we’re going to trying something a bit different. All Casa Xixim bookings now include a $60 donation to Rainforest Trust. Consequently, this helps offset the environmental impact of travel. Every action we take now to protect rainforests will have a lasting impact on the future by maintaining our planet’s critical ecosystems.

Why Rainforest Trust?

We chose Rainforest trust because they are highly rated by Charity Navigator. Furthermore, thanks to the support of their board members who cover the majority of their operating expenses, Rainforest Trust is able to use 100% of donations directly to conservation action. Rainforest Trust purchases and protects the most threatened tropical forests, saving endangered wildlife through partnerships and community engagement. Each tree protected stores carbon and is home to wildlife ranging from frogs to parrots to beetles. Above all, Rainforest Trust was successful in protecting 1.9 million acres in 2018.

Why $60?

We found a carbon offset program for $60 that covered 10,000 miles of air travel. Similarly, that dollar amount and miles covered felt right for our size of groups.

What is Sustainable Travel?

Sustainable travel means finding ways to travel without harming natural and cultural environments, minimizing the negative impacts of tourism, while being beneficial to the area in which it takes place. Therefore, providing support to Rainforest Trust programs, we can offset our environmental impact from air travel in a region we are located. We wanted to build in an eco-conscious ethos to inform all of our decisions.

How is Casa Xixim Sustainable?

As the current stewards of this special place we hope to attract like minded vacationers to rest their heads and energize their souls at Casa Xixim. Hence, we designed with the natural surroundings in mind – using traditional building practices, modern architecture, and permaculture principles. Casa Xixim doesn’t have glass windows. We have screened, wood-louver walls that slide open to let that Caribbean breeze come right through. With furniture and decor hand made by local artisans, we support small business, community, and culture.

Sustainable Energy

The rooftop solar ties to the grid to supplement our household power needs. Similarly, it doubles as our hammock shade structure. To reduce AC need (and the resulting costly environmental impact), we have sliding walls for cross breeze and Haiku ceiling fans in every room – the most energy efficient ceiling fan in the world.

Sustainable Water

Our terraces are designed to collect rainwater to supplement our household water needs. We don’t have a septic tank. Therefore, the water we use is filtered through the composting wetlands and returned to the ground. Large water-cooler style jugs are provided for drinking and we have a resist single-use plastic policy.

Giving Back

Casa Xixim donates yearly to Escalera, WildAid, and others. Even more, the Soliman Bay Sea Turtle Project followings strict procedures to mark nests and report successful hatches.

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